Monday, July 21, 2014

You matter

Yesterday was an exciting day for me. But something happened that got me thinking. Since I was a little girl I loved the stories of princes and princesses. I also loved the story of a commoner marrying a prince. And it was kind of silly, but when I started seeing all those royal lines in Dave's lineage I kind of got excited. Here he is a descendant of some really cool people and he picked me a commoner.  Silly I know, but I was kind of reverting back to childhood. I was so excited and happy for him. And I saw him in a different light. He is after all of royal descent. Then I found 2 of my lines also tie into his somewhere in the way back. And I wasn't common anymore. I am also of royal descent. And it sort of changed the way I feel about myself. Not that I am prideful or anything, but that my ancestors were people of importance, people that could make a difference in the lives of many people. I don't know if they were good or bad, but like them I can also effect change in the lives, for good or bad, of people. It is so fascinating to me. But what really got me somewhere in the middle of the night is each of us really is royalty. We, all of us, are sons and daughters of the most powerful Being in the Universe. We are heirs. We have every right and opportunity to become like our Savior and gain all that our Father has. And as such we really need to see others that way. We, each of us are princes and princesses, Kings and Queens in the making. We are all awesome. We just have to remember that. Remember who you are, but also remember whose you are. Don't forget, you really matter, especially to Him.