Sunday, July 20, 2014


I have caught a bit of the geneology fever. Since my boys will both be in school all day soon, I kept thinking I need to find myself a hobby. Dave suggested working on family history. Well I have been slowly plugging things in but then the rest has taken off. Thankfully some other people have done most of the ground work. I found a few of my grandpa's were in the armed forces, cool. But the most exciting things I have found today were actually in Dave's line. I found a few people who haven't had temple work done, which is exciting for me, now I feel like I can contribute a little. But then this afternoon I stumbled upon royal lines. Kings and Dukes and Sirs and Princessas and Queens of England, France, Cologna, Burgundy, Poland and even Hungary. Dave says I can now call him a King. King David (of at least this house anyway). Anyway the farthest back of any of the lines I found was about 150 A.D. Pretty sweet. Now I need a new computer and internet at my house so I can keep at it. Working on my little smart phone is not as much fun. But I am excited.

Update as of 1 hour later. Dave found a line that went all the way back to Adam and Eve. Pretty amazing. Family history is so cool. And I sound like I am 10 again.

Update 2: I found two separate lines, one on my dad's side and one on my mom's that both go back to Adam and Eve. I really need to go to bed. I could be looking at names all night. You may now call me Queen Heidi since I am also of royal blood. Only on my mom's side it is Scandinavia and Norway and on my dad's it's England. So cool. Check out family and start your own search. It's amazing.