Sunday, August 24, 2014

Busy Weekend

The last few days have been jam packed with activities. When it rains it pours around here. Thursday night James had a soccer game then immediately after we went to a baseball game. It was so fun and we got home around 11:30. I think we all slept well that night. The next morning we were up and went to the Ogden Temple open house. The temple is beautiful. And the boys were so excited and curious about all the cool things inside. They especially loved the baptistry where members can go and perform baptisms by proxy for those who have passed from this life without the opportunity. They keep wondering when they can go back. And when we drove past another temple they wondered if they could look inside it too. It makes me happy that they are so excited about that.
Saturday the boys and I were up early for mother son bowling. It was fun. And the boys totally schooled me in the second game, which they were happy to rub my nose in the rest of the day. And then James had another soccer game at noon.  Tomorrow we get to go on a hike with our friends. I think I am going to need a rest when the boys go back to school. It has been fun though and I love how excited they are.