Monday, August 25, 2014

Mt. Timpanogos

Today my boys and I loaded into the car and went to Mt. Timpanogos for a hike and a jaunt through 3 caves with our friends. It was a quite a feat going up, I had to lag behind with Ben. The climb is a might steep in some places, but nice. I didn't want to look down too often since high heights gives me a bit of vertigo. Then to top it off the caves can be very narrow in places and having a slight claustrophobia problem proved to be a challenge, but with some inner dialogue I was able to calm any sort of anxiety that might erupt. (I have had nightmares of trying to crawl through tight spaces only to not fit and get stuck. And I am sure it has something to do with my older brother smothering me with blankets when I was younger.) So then our tour guide mentions something about fault lines and I think of the recent earthquake in California and somehow he convinced me it was safer deep in the ground than above. Who knew? Oh boy! Quite a day of facing phobias. But that's good for the ticker and brain and all that jazz right? The coming down the mountain though, just about did my knee in. The left one, which is weird because I have always had problems with the right. I may not be able to walk tomorrow.

Then the boys and I were headed to get some grub, when I mentioned the Mt. Timpanogos Temple is just down the street. James was excited and really wanted to see it. I wanted to, too. That is where Dave and I got married ten years ago. I remember when I went through the temple during the open house and I felt like I was home. My home away from home. It is a beautiful place. I wished Dave could have been there with us.

I love the beauty of things made by God and those things made by man. It was a