Tuesday, August 5, 2014


The last few days there has been a theme or a word that I keep hearing over and over again. This word is very important and something we all need to share...it is a hug. I am a hugger. I love giving hugs, I love receiving hugs, hugging is the best, but lately I haven't been hugging nearly as much as I used to because I know there are some people who just don't like them and I try really hard to respect that. In the process though I think I have swung the pendulum too far in the other direction. So at camp, I am sure you'll get sick of these camp stories, after my blessing I went to shake hands with the priesthood holders that gave me a blessing. The first one took it, but my bishop wasn't having it. He said he wanted a hug. I said I love giving hugs but I don't want people to feel awkward. So then the next guy said he wanted a hug too, which I gladly gave, so I turned back to the first guy and asked for a hug. It was a hug fest and the bishop's wife/camp director didn't want to be left out. It was awesome. The next day when we got home I was heading toward my house and my friend and co-leader, Heidi (doesn't she have the best name?), stopped me. I said yeah. She said she just wanted to give me a hug. Which I gladly gave. There was that word again. It wasn't until Sunday when I was talking to my dad about the lesson he gave in Church that it really hit home. He asked the boys to go home and give their mom a hug and tell them how important or special they are and he asked them to do the same with their dad. And then my big brother came in and gave me the best hug. He's the best hugger. Tight, and oxygen supply cutting and awesome. I needed that and the words he told me. Hugs. Why are they so important? Why do I crave them so much, why do I crave giving them so much? I think it has something do with touch, but I also feel it is a way for my spirit to touch yours. Love seeps through a hug. The tighter the more love can seep. I think that's why I love my brother's hugs so much. He gets in there and let's you know his love. My cousins also give way awesome hugs too. Hug someone today. Let them feel your love. I wish I could give a great big hug to someone today. Let them know I love them. Hugging cures a spirit. Hugging allows love to seep if you're open to it, it can fill you right up.