Tuesday, August 12, 2014


I am on my way to youth conference in the morning. I fell asleep an hour ago, but now I can't find sleep again. I have something on my mind I feel I need to share before I go. This week I was put in charge of finding something to throw in the fire or something for testimony meeting. I found these really cool packets and also pinecones laced with chemicals so when thrown on the fire it changes to color of the fire. I thought I would be so cool and everyone would like me and honestly I really wanted to buy them. They were so expensive though and I would have had to ship them overnight doubling my cost. It wasn't going to work. So I kept having this impression to buy the big craft sticks. And all I could think about was how lame they are in comparison to a really cool chemically altered fire. I bought them but have been beating myself up about it. I wondered if I could burn the word RESCUE on to it, the theme for our camp. But my wood burner just wasn't getting hot enough or the wood was too dry. I tried writing on it in sharpie but that looked tacky. I sat and looked at these plain sticks and then it suddenly dawned on me why I was prompted to get the sticks. They are essentially tongue depressors. And I thought of a doctor and how he uses them sometimes to diagnose our ailments. And then I thought of the Master Healer. The one who can mend a broken heart, fix a bruised soul, the one who can take a broken spirit and make it new and whole again. He truly is our rescuer, our physician, He can cure everything that ails you. Our Savior can truly RESCUE us...from ourselves, from the world, from the grasp of Satan. He is the ultimate Healer. He can heal you. Whatever is bothering you He can fix. It may be painful at times, it may require patience and long suffering, but He will fix the brokenness. He is that good. He has healed me many times. I am truly grateful for His masterful work