Monday, August 4, 2014


I had something happen to me on the way up to camp. I'm still trying to figure it out exactly, but an amazing experience happened. There are times in our lives when people hurt us, deeply. Times you wish desperately to get over, times you wish the anger and deep sadness would just dissipate. I have had 3 times in my life when someone I loved and people I still love deeply hurt me. I try to get over things quickly I don't like things to fester and usually it happens, but these 3 times have really impacted me in a way that I couldn't let go the usual way. One happened when I was 18 or 19 and it took several years before the last drop of hurt left. The other, when I was 23 I think I just barely recovered from 2 years ago, but this most recent one was miraculous. I was on my way to girls camp, I was driving up the side of a mountain and as soon as I hit the property the camp was on these feelings of sadness and hurt just left. I have been praying for the last year for this, and especially the last few months but most desperately in the last few weeks and just like that it happened. God is good. He heals us in our afflictions, he answers prayers. Sometimes quickly, sometimes over time, sometimes when you least expect it, He answers prayers. We just have to be patient and going about and being in the right places. In all honesty I did not want to go to girls camp. I have been dreading it for months. The thought just left me anxious and nauseous. I was dragging my feet over it. But I needed to be there, yes I was sick the whole time, yes I was freezing to death every night, but God answered my prayer because I was doing His work. He healed my very broken heart, He took away the pain, He healed me from the inside, in an instant, it was all gone. I feel such a deep love again. Miracles have not ceased. They happen everyday. It happened to me on a dirt road in the middle of a mountain. I am so thankful God answers our prayers, that He loves us enough to do so.