Sunday, August 3, 2014

Silver Linings

The past month or so we have been reading the old testament stories out of the bible. So many bad things happened to so many good people. And as we have been studying and discussing the different stories I keep finding a theme for life, while bad things happen to good people I am finding a silver lining in all the stories. If these bad things hadn't happened to Moses or Noah or Naomi and Ruth or any number of people would the Lord have been able to bless them or change their lives or opened up an opportunity that otherwise wouldn't have been looked into? So when bad things happen to us do we spend all our time focusing on what we lost or instead could we could try to find what we gain. What are the silver linings? And I have found that by looking at the silver linings it makes the trials or bad things that happen take on a new perspective. What can I gain from this trial or lesson? So for instance I have been unable to have any more kids. Silver lining: I am that much more grateful for the children I have. I have an ability to focus on other children, especially my nieces and nephews. I know how difficult and challenging pregnancy and babies can be for me so I haven't had to struggle through that. I have a greater empathy for those who struggle with infertility. I realize the miracle that creating a life is and how sacred and special an event it is being able to have sperm connect with an egg and how sad it is that people destroy such miracles everyday when so many can't even put the two together. I guess I could go on and on. Life is difficult. Life is hard, it is meant to be, but it is also meant for great joy as long as we are looking for the positives the silver linings. God doesn't close doors only to have us cry about it, he closes a door so we can see another door. Because how often are we going to go looking for a door when we are so comfortable in the house we have already built for ourselves? Trials bring change and sometimes great heartache, but there is always a silver lining if you have the courage to look.