Monday, December 29, 2014


I am starting my detox diet again today. I am tired of feeling crummy and weak and lacking any kind of energy. We'll see how it goes. If anyone wants to join me....😁. This time I am adding exercise too. Last time I just did the diet then added the exercise after a few weeks. My body may not respond too well. I am learning a lot about having an autoimmune disease. And I have been pushing my limits too far. My joints have even started to give me grief. Slow and steady is how things have to be done now, in my 20's I could get away with crazy things but now I have to take a little more care. Which if truth be told is not my style, but sometimes we have to learn to adjust. Patience. Not something I am really well at. But I have platueaued longer than I should have and it is time to take care of these last 20 pounds. I can do it. And I had to start today. I can't wait for a new year or a Monday, even though today is Monday, the New Year trumps, but I am ready today so here we go. Wish me luck.