Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A little Christmas miracle

I have a lot of thoughts on my mind, but I'll start with this one today. It may seem silly, but to me it is just more evidence of the Love my Heavenly Father has for me. Christmas was simple this year, mostly because we didn't have a lot of money for various reasons, but it was actually quite good because of it. The simplicity was amazing. I think we were all very thankful for the things we did receive. Well for about a month I have been going to the grocery store and every time I am there I have been eyeing these fleece blankets. They were on sale for $14.99. I thought maybe next paycheck I could afford to get 2, one for each of the boys. They looked really nice. Well the next paycheck came and went and I couldn't justify buying these blankets. The boys had a few gifts and I felt it was enough. So the Tuesday before Christmas I stopped in to pick up some milk, because the boys will only drink the unsweetened almond milk and they don't sell it at Costco or Sam's Club. So when I walk in I see those blankets again, but I know I had already spent way too much money earlier for groceries and stuff. So as I was in the back picking up the milk, the manager makes an announcement that all the things on the 2 kiosks up front are 75% off if anyone needs a last minute Christmas gift. Well this is where the blankets are. I can't believe my ears. I go up to look, but only the Christmas decorations have 75% off tags. I grabbed 2 blankets anyway to see if they rang up on sale. While I was grabbing the blankets a lady asked if they were part of the sale. I had no idea, but wanted to see. So I take them to the register and ask the boy if he could ring them up for me. They ended up being $5 each. $5. I could hardly believe it. I paid for the milk and blankets and ran over and got 2 more. One for Dave and I. Now the selection wasn't great, but I didn't care. They were good enough for me. The boys fought over the coolest one a red, gray and black plaid. I don't know how but James won that battle. Ben got a solid red and Dave got a solid brown and I got one with owls on it. I don't know why they weren't fighting over that one. 😉 But they have been such a big hit since Christmas. They take them everywhere and they are huge. They are twin size falling over all sides of the boys beds. We love them. And it is amazing to me how I just happened to be there at the exact moment they go on sale after having been pining for them for over a month. I am so grateful for that. It really made Christmas that much more special for us. And they truly have become one of the favorite gifts.