Monday, January 5, 2015


For the past few weeks I have felt so content. Like happy with my life, happy with my family, happy with the things I have. I was reflecting on all the things I used to want so badly, a new 9-12' Christmas tree for upstairs, a new pair of boots, a different house, another dog, another baby, another something or the other. And I never seemed happy, always wanting more or something different, but lately I have been reflecting on all the things I do have and how really it is enough. I don't really need anything more, anything else. I am content. I am happy. Life is good in spite of challenges I face. For instance our ward got broken up a lot and I feel like a ton of my besties are moving away and I will hardly see them anymore, that's what I love most about church...the friendships you make with people. And I feel like the guy left behind while all my friends are moving on to bigger and better things. But I know God has a plan, that this whole messy world we live in is just a part of a process that each of us must endure, for a greater purpose. A refining that only comes from doing hard things. Dave's cousin posted a little meme about how if all there was, was sunshine, it would only be a desert. I like the storms and the rain and the change. It builds and uplifts and edifies. It creates and blossoms. I am thankful for knowledge. Things I didn't know before, but have discovered through trial and error and patience and still have yet endless possibilities for learning and growth. It is hard, but it is what we all agreed to, what we all decided on. We chose the life we are living so we might as well sit back and enjoy the ride, every twisty, bumpy, heart pounding, head whipping part of it. A thrill a minute...if you let it.