Friday, January 2, 2015

New year's goals

The past couple of years I have kind of put a kibosh on setting goals unless it was something like be more awesome. 😁 But this year we set a family goal to read the Book of Mormon, maybe not in its entirety, but just a little everyday. We have been consistent in reading the kids versions, but felt like it was time to get into the real thing. Well tonight we started reading the first chapter. I thought maybe we could each read a verse or two, but by the time Jameses second turn came around he didn't want to stop. So we ended up reading the entire first chapter. Maybe we'll finish quicker than I thought. And it is nice because James has been struggling with his reading, so maybe this will help him. I can already see an improvement from even 2 months ago. I only hope he continues. And I hope this is one goal we do keep. Only because I know the power it gives me everyday I read. And I hope it rubs off on our whole family now.