Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A night to remember

I am trying really hard to make memories with my family. I am not always good at it, but I am trying more than I have before. Eventually I'll get there. We had a great day yesterday. It was full and my heart went to bed happy. I didn't feel very good, but I wanted to do something. I was about to do some of my grocery shopping and drag my family along, but that didn't sound very fun. I wanted to go on a walk, but was almost too tired to do so. So as we were headed to go shopping at one store I made Dave turn the car around and head back to the store by our house. We were gonna have a hot dog and s'more roast. It was perfect. Exactly what we all needed. The wood was a bit wet from all the rain we have been getting, so we had to fan the flames quite a bit, but it was worth it. We just laughed and enjoyed each other. We roasted dogs, made s'mores and some of our friends and neighbors have introduced us to melting starbursts, but I happened to buy some taffy and tried that. Some flavors were better than others roasted, some were not very good at all, like black licorice and one of the tropical flavors, watermelon and guava were really good though. It was fun experimenting. All in all a great day spent with my boys making memories. And a night spent sleeping at the bottom of the stairs for my boys. Oh the things they love to do.