Sunday, May 24, 2015


We live really close to our church now so we can walk. It is so nice to walk. My boys get out a little energy so they aren't so naughty in church and I get to breathe in some fresh air. Usually we leave later and we're rushing, but this morning we left early enough we could stroll and have plenty of time to get there. But this afternoon Ben walked way ahead of us and James and I ended up taking our time getting home. It felt nice. I think my little man just wants more me time. And this was an easy way to give it to him. I also made him wear his bowtie today, he tried to take it off, but after I told him to look in the mirror at how handsome he was, I  guess he decided to leave it on after all. I have 2 handsome boys. Ben decided to get bigger on me so we are going shopping tomorrow for new church clothes, athletic pants just don't cut it. Sometimes I wish they would stop growing, but the older they get the more I enjoy them. So thankful for them and that we get to walk to church.