Monday, June 8, 2015

A new day

I have been failing on exercise for 6 weeks and healthy eating for a lot longer than that. I have been feeling it. My body is revolting, my body is weak, I have no energy, I am tired. Today is a new day. I am turning over a new leaf, I want to feel good again. I have resolve and determination. And I hate to even post about it because as one of the youth put it so well in his testimony yesterday when you are doing good or about to do something good Satan tries to cut you off from your resources, make you feel isolated and alone and that what your doing doesn't matter. And I have felt that many times in my life. That is one reason I didn't want to share or blog anymore because of the constant barrage of negativity when I post something good or positive. But I don't want him to win. I am putting up a fight. I am fighting for my health, for my family for joy. Bring on the battle. I know I can do this through God's grace yet again.