Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Ever have a bad day?

This guy has had a string of bad days. Stomach aches for months, hip pain for weeks. I checked him out of school and took him to the doctor. We don't know what exactly is going on, but after a lunch at McDonald's and a popsicle from Holiday he was happy enough to return to school. After school we found him a new helmet and he was eager to go to school this morning, which never happens. And I got to thinking about the times in my life where just getting a new helmet was enough to make a bad day or string of bad days ok. That I can last one more day, or one more week, or life isn't as bad as it seems. My kid is a tough nut. Hard to crack, but lately on the verge. I feel bad. I don't always know what to do. But if he is complaining it must be bad. We do the best we can in any situation and hope for the best and look forward to those days full of helmets and McDonald's and popsicles.