Monday, July 27, 2015

Rough summer

As good as this summer has been it has been equally rough. Opposition in all things...I guess. My health has been poor, mostly due to my own fault and somewhat due to a crappy autoimmune disease. I take the good days I get and run with them and the bad.. well I just hunker down and wait them out. My plans sometimes work out and others not so much. But I am always so thankful for the bad times because of the blessings that come. My boys have been amazing and on really rough days I think angels are helping me out, keeping watch over my boys while I am in bed. I just feel very blessed. I know this is just a trial and this too shall pass and one day it will get better. And I am all the more thankful for the good days, days I can hike and play and be silly with my boys. They mean the world to me.