Monday, August 17, 2015


We got back from a really great, much needed vacation to Alaska last week...but I am not going to write about it today, I am still processing everything and I hope to come back to it. I did however learn a lesson this morning. The last time I weeded my backyard I didn't quite make it all the way around. I made it roughly halfway and thought I would come back to it another day. I did notice a thistle starting to grow, but it was so small and I was so tired and even though I felt at the time I should pull it out I didn't. I thought for sure I would finish up the next day, but that didn't happen and deep down I knew it wouldn't happen. I can not start a project without finishing said project because I will not come back to it later. 99% of the time I never finish an unfinished project. So if I am going to take on a project it has to be done in a day or two. I run out of gas and interest really. I think I have a little bit of ADD. So fast forward to this morning and the thistle I should have pulled out weeks ago if not a month or more is now huge, which isn't the problem, the problem is this thistle has seeded and multiplied and scattered the seeds all over the yard and ground and maybe even farther. I could have easily dug up the thistle when it was in its infancy, but I didn't. Now I have quite a mess on my hands and no way to really see the spread of destruction until further down the road. And I got to thinking about the things I say or do or even feel about someone or something and how it may seem so little at the time and why should I worry about that, I can figure that out later. But later may be too late. It might grow and start to seed and then the seeds might scatter and you can't clean up the seeds well enough once they scatter. I tried really hard this morning, but it is futile. They scatter anyway the wind blows. Maybe it takes root in someone else's garden or mind and it can cause them to have future problems. I feel very much like I need to be more careful and more vigilant in rooting out the weeds before they become too big in my life and in my garden. I feel I need to be so careful about what I say and do, even with my boys. I will be held accountable for the things I say and do. But the cool thing about even making mistakes like this one is that I can learn. Next time, I won't let it get too big. And if I have to pull thistles out of my yard for the next year so be it. I am thankful for my Savior. Even when I make mistakes I know that if I repent I can right any wrong that I make. The thistles in my life we can root out together. I know I don't have to do it alone. And I am eternally grateful for that knowledge.