Saturday, June 11, 2016

Dave and I have only seen eachother one week out of the last three. I didn't realize how difficult it would be but the last few days have been the hardest. Growing up I was pretty independent. I didn't need anyone. At least I didn't think I did. I am stubborn and strong willed and I didn't want to need anyone. But Dave is that one person I have let in that wasn't family. He is my safe place, my ground, my harbor. He is who I need to see everyday to calm the storms that rage in my heart and soul and mind. He loves me. Me. When I thought no one ever could, he does. He takes me at my weakest point and gives me strength. He lets me fly when I get stir crazy in this nest. He laughs at my attempts at humor and gives me the room I need to breathe and the love I need when I don't want to be alone. It is coming up on 12 years of wonderful messiness. And yet I feel like my life only began when I met him. He makes me happy. He makes me want to be more. He is mine and I adore him. I am thankful I took a leap, after having known eachother only three days we were engaged. Nine weeks later we were married. I finally found home. Comfort. Joy. Happiness.