Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Complete Meltdown

So I think, well I know, I had a complete meltdown this morning and now after having talked to the nurse I know why. I am full of raging hormones. I thought perhaps I was pregnant but now I know I didn't ovulate at all so my estrogen levels are way out of wack. Watch out everyone, crazy lady in town. It is only going to get worse in a few days because now I have to take a double dose of Clomid this month. One was bad enough, obviously now I will have twice as much fun. ;0) I apologize for anyone and everything for any and all things I have done and will do in the coming weeks. I try not to let my hormones out of hand but sometimes you really can't help it. And I am sorry to all who had to read my tirade earlier. I really am better now, especially since I got it all out of my system.