Tuesday, June 21, 2011


So Benji got his tonsils out today. It was a good thing too. The doctor was quite surprised it seems at the condition they were in. He said their had been a lot of scarring and they had to cut in pretty deep into the soft tissue to remove it all. He also said their had been an abscess at some point. Also some of the tonsil tissue was so damaged it was just falling apart. There was adenoid tissue left over from his last surgery that he had to remove also. Apparently the last doctor didn't get it all. I am thankful we got a second opinion.

Anyway he sure is in a lot of pain, the medicine is helping finally. At least he gets to live off of slushees and ice cream for a week. Although he has already downed a roll and some M&Ms. I think he'll recover quickly. He's a trooper.