Friday, August 12, 2011

A Drive

Last night our family went for a drive. Even though we have been on many drives it still boggles my kids minds that we would get in the car and drive to no where in particular, drive for an hour or more and then come home. We always get "Where are we going?" with our reply of "I don't know." Several times during our excursion this happens. It's so funny. I thought they would have caught on by now, but it still drives them crazy. Well last night our drive led us through several neighborhoods and back ways, thanks to the GPS we don't get too lost, and ended up on a canyon road. It was a beautiful little drive that ended with a horse and walking trail up the mountains. If it wasn't so late I think I would have enjoyed getting out and walking up a ways. We tend to go on our drives later at night to put the kids to sleep since James has such a hard time going to bed on his own. We also found a cool little fishing pond that I had no idea existed. It's so fun to explore even your own little neck of the woods. You find things you never knew were there. So although my kids probably think we're crazy for driving around we really enjoy learning new things and exploring what is right in our fingertips. This world we live in is so awesome.