Friday, October 14, 2011

My Birthday Boy

Benj celebrated his sixth birthday in style. His little brother had school so we headed over to Kohl's to get a Transformer with Kohl's cash (thank you Grandma C.). Next we headed to Grandma's house where according to Benji received "The bestest present in the whole world." He even told me he hugged the box, which means he really likes it and wondered if I liked it too and if I did I could hug the box too. Such a cutie. He then went home and spent the afternoon playing with his marble racer present. Followed by an awesome party with his cousins. Lucky boy. I am so thankful to his daddy for taking care of 5 kids while mommy went to be with Uncle Chuck and Aunt Eliza and sweet Miss Lucy. Happy Birthday big boy. I am so happy I get to be your mommy.