Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Talk

No it wasn't the talk on the birds and bees to my kids, it was the talk... to my husband about the quality and quantity of sleep he gets. I love my hubby to pieces, but he sleeps in every day he can and I know he does because of his medicine but I am not his momma and I do not want to whine and moan to him about waking up. I want him to wake up...on his own. So last week I had a chat with him, a nice one. Not the witchy, whiny kind but a nice heart to heart about needing him to wake up on the weekends on his own and that I need a little more help getting the kids ready on Sunday. So what does he do...he pulls through for me waking up on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Then he took it to the next level, he got both kids ready for church, took Benji to school on Friday and Monday, took care of the dishes and a bunch of housework, made a few meals and was just plain incredible and has been ever since. He went from amazing to crazy amazing and I love him all the more for it. Even last night I had a bad headache and he volunteered to make dinner even though I had something cooking. I love this new guy and if I would have known how this would all turn out I would have had the talk with him years ago.