Friday, February 17, 2012

Disneyland or bust!

So Benji has been talking nonstop Disneyland for months and it doesn't make matters any easier when they send home a Disneyland Vacations pamphlet from school. So a good friend of mine suggested we have the boys save for it. Well yesterday we took all the change we could find in all the piggy banks in our house and we now have $35 towards a Disneyland fund. Who knew we had that kind of change around here? Now we just need to come up with $265 more dollars to get into Disneyland for one day only, not to mention the cost of getting there or spending the night somewhere, or food, but we are planning it and looking forward to it. Hopefully we can go in a couple of months when Benji is off track, hopefully. If not it is going to be a really long time before we attempt to go I am sure. It took us how many years to come up with the $35 in change? Disneyland here we come or at least we'll die tryin'.