Thursday, May 3, 2012


For the past few weeks I have been reading Charlotte's Web to my kids (let's face it, basically Benji has been the only one really listening). Anyway we have one chapter left but somehow I found myself wanting to cry tonight reading about Charlotte and how she died alone. How sad is that and having to read the part where Wilbur is crying out for her, well let's just say it was hard to disguise the sadness in my voice. When did I get all emotional and sappy about a spider, I hate spiders, but somehow Charlotte befriending Wilbur and saving his life must have struck some kind of chord with me. So now that we are almost done I need to find another kid chapter book, maybe one that isn't so sappy. All I know is that reading a long book over a period of time has been some of the best moments spent with Benji. He really is a big marshmallow and I am so happy he is mine and wants his mom to read to him still. And I am so thankful for good books, that take us on journeys together.