Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Is there something wrong with me?

I donated blood yesterday. Exciting, right? Well first off I had Benji with me and the lady in charge at the place was not very nice about it. I mean my kid is awesome and doesn't cause any problems but she made sure to tell me over and over again that he can't be near me while I fill out paper work and have my interview. I didn't mind one bit but she was super crabby about it. Then I get everything checked out and go for the blood draw. The girl was new and I was her guinea pig. She took an awful long time trying to locate my vein. I should have known then and there that it was going to be trouble. Then she finally gets ready, jabs the needle in, nothing. She takes the needle and proceeds to move it around inside my skin, back and forth, owie and OWIE! She finally tapes me up, when one of the other guys comes over and asks me if I am dead. She still hadn't hit my vein and no blood was still coming out. Their guy then proceeds in 2 seconds to do what she couldn't do in 5 minutes. And the whole time I am sitting there with a smile on my face while the devil on my shoulder is wondering why I am not freaking out and having a tirade over this abuse. Then the angel part sees she is only trying to do her job, poorly, yes but still I can't help but feel for her and me really. Part of me wonders if I am weird for sustaining such injuries with a smile. What is wrong with me? Or am I doing what is right, what Jesus would have me do.? I am often torn between opposing views and in the end I feel good about the decision I made. It's only going to be a bruise, it was for a good cause, no one else needs to be hurt by
actions I could have taken. I don't say this to gloat or puff myself up, but I do think we can all be a little kinder to each other. The world has enough problems without adding all our rage and hate to it. It just breeds on itself and multiplies, the same as kindness and I know I would much rather have a world full of that.