Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ants and Weeds

Yesterday I was pulling weeds out of my park strip. It reminded me of the last time I pulled weeds and had a light bulb moment. About once a month or every other I have to pull these weeds out if the barren dirt next to my driveway. Well the time I did it I happened upon an ant hill, actually I think it is safe to say the whole place was an ant kingdom. And as I sat there watching these ants scurry about after having their homes uprooted, I sort of thought there are similarities between us and the ants. We have a master gardener whose job is the pull out the things in our lives that could be getting in the way, that may not be beneficial for us, weeds if you will. Now we are these tiny ants asking why? Why did this happen to me? Why is my life being uprooted? We can't see the full picture all we know is life as we knew it has changed. The home we had so painstakingly built is gone. It will never be the same, but it had to be done. Now some ants were very busy trying to rebuild, trying to put things back together, working so hard to make it right. Other ants went into attack mode, trying to bite and fight against this person who has just destroyed their home. And others, well maybe they just figured it wasn't worth it and gave up. And I sat and wondered which ant am I? If my life is disrupted do I work hard knowing that although my life is over as I knew it, do I work to build a new home? Or do I lash out at the one causing so much pain? Trying to fight my way, but not realizing that it doesn't change anything. I must say it stung a little having an ant bite me, but now my yard, garden, whatever is weed free. But we can't always see the bigger picture when our world has just crumbled around us. And then yesterday when I was pulling weeds out pf my other flower bed and sometimes in trying to pull out weeds I somehow snagged some beautiful plants and flowers. Taken too soon. But then I think about how sometimes we have to thin some plants in order for greater growth and development. Where am I going with this? Sometimes I'm not sure, but I think that our Father in Heaven is the master gardener of this world and sometimes he has to do things that for the good of the overall look of the garden will benefit us all. And sometimes it's uprooting weeds and sometimes it's tender flowers or people. Not because he didn't want to, but because for the benefit of man He must. It's not easy sometimes. We can try and bite back only saw truly hurting ourselves. He loves us. He only wants the best, for ALL of us.