Monday, August 27, 2012

No Sugar

So last week I made a new resolve. We had a lesson in our youth class and the teacher was talking about how she had to do really hard things in order to lose weight. It wasn't coming off by exercise alone. So it hit me that maybe I am not doing the hard things I am always trying to do things that are the easiest because I am less likely to fail that way, but news flash I AM failing that way. So last week I decided to do the thing that is the hardest for sugar. I thought it would be a miserable week, but I am pretty sure I had divine help because it was so much easier once you resolve in your mind to do something. So this is my new goal no sugar six days a week and Sunday is my free day. I am also adding weight lifting back into my mix of exercise because muscles are what burn the fat and well if you don't have any you aren't going to lose it quite as fast, why do you think guys can drop it so fast? Well I have one week under my belt and I actually shed 3 pounds. The funny thing is is I am eating a ton of food. I can barely make it to my calorie goal everyday because when you eat a ton of fruits and veggies ( thank you simmer garden) you are eating way fewer calories for way more food. Plus, I feel good, I have more energy except on one day. Food is so yummy and it is so yummy to be able to eat a lot but know it is a good source of food for your body. I have been eating squash like no body's business. Beans are coming out of my ears. Pretty soon, I hope, our corn will be ready. Raspberries are coming on too and I even canned 35 quarts of grape juice. If I could just get my hands on a bunch of apples for applesauce I will be set. Life is quite enjoyable when you cut out the sweets. I have a half eaten bag if licorice in the cupboard and I haven't even touched it. I am so proud of myself. This really is a big deal for me, I was a complete sugar addict and now the thought of it kind of makes me sick. Woo hoo to no sugar!