Thursday, August 30, 2012


Yesterday was not a good day for me and it all started 6 or so years ago. I had a dentist who was insistent that I get a crown on a tooth, I personally think he just wanted my money and since then I have not had a single day where I have not regretted listening to this dentist. When I got the crown he touched a nerve so not only did I get a crown I didn't need then I had to get a root canal on top of it. Within 10 months my crown broke. So I had to get a new one and since then it broke two more times and the last time I had to get a post and core done. Well last time I went to my dentist, I have a new one now, he noticed my bone under this particular tooth was deteriorating. So fast forward to a month or so ago and my crown was loose again. Apparently all my bone was gone underneath and was told the tooth needed to be extracted. So yesterday the tooth came out. Well this tooth, or should I say the roots, would not come out without a fight. The dentist pulled, pried, twisted, wedged, whatever he could do to get it out, and it would not budge. Apparently if you have a root canal sometimes the stuff they use to fill up the roots can fuse with your jaw bone and lucky me I had just that thing happen. So out came the drill and more pulling and twisting (that is what killed the most by the way) and even more drilling and pulling until it and a large chunk of my bone came out with it. All in all I think it took about 40 minutes to get that tooth pf mine extracted. Then I got a bone graft, which was cake, and will eventually have to get an implant. It was one of the worst days of my life . The real deal horror dental story. I came home and just collapsed on my bed. I almost felt like crying because of the emotional torture of it all. Luckily it doesn't hurt much today, it just feels like someone punched me in the jaw and that I have a marble shooter in my mouth between my gums. I hope that never happens again. This one tooth alone has already cost me over a thousand dollars and it is going to cost me double that for an implant. I sort of get aggravated when I think about how one person could have caused so much trouble unnecessarily. But then I think that this is part of just one more test I am called to go through. I could just go crazy and sue and get outraged but it doesn't solve anything and it doesn't take back what has happened. So I am just going to move forward and try to save a whole bunch of money so I can get a new tooth. Who needs carpet? Who needs a trip to Disneyland? Because that is how much it's going to cost. My poor family. Oh well. Come what may, and love it.