Saturday, September 15, 2012


I decided I don't really take the chance to chronicle my family. I am more concerned about venting my problems instead of listing all the amazing people living under the same roof as me. Dave is well Dave. He is so much like Benji or Benji is so much like him. Both very sweet never want to be in trouble, happy to do whatever needs to be done. I know we've had our differences and some very difficult times but even in the midst of all that he is so strong and faithful and supportive and will fight to eternity with me. Recently I have become very reflective of that fact. People don't always stay together for one reason or another, but when you view life through an eternal perspective one where this life is the hard part if you can but endure and the easy part comes later the rewards are infinite. I love knowing that when the times get tough we won't give up on eachother. He is such a rock for me, solid and true as they come. Yet somehow he is the softest part of my day, my favorite squishy pillow I love to cuddle up to at night. He has been amazing and stepped up so completely given my health challenges. He hasn't complained once that the house is a mess or that in the 8 years we've been married I have gained 60 lbs. He never criticizes anything, ever. He probably knows I would freak out on him if he did, actually he knows I am hard enough on myself. He makes me laugh like no one else. He is constantly sarcastic and I am always calling him a punk. He is so honest and truthful, especially when it comes down to the little thing. He seriously can't live with the guilt. It eats him alive. I love how fearless he is too. Makes me more sure of his rock like persona. That man of mine is fantastic and I thank my lucky stars everyday that he is mine...forever. Thanks Dave! I love you!