Friday, September 14, 2012

Jump-o-line James

James is growing up way too fast, but in all honesty I love it. I love seeing him tackle new adventures. In preschool he has already learned how to spell his name. He can count to 11 or 12 not that that is huge for some people, but for James it is sort of a big deal. He hasn't sat still long enough to even be interested in learning and now he is sort of being forced to and he loves it. I especially love his coy little smile when I praise him for doing something good. You can just see the pride in his eyes and heart trying not to gush outside himself. He is such a little sweetie. He loves his momma the most. And frankly, I like him a whole bunch too. My favorite is when he says he wants to play on the jump-o-line. I have even started saying it instead of trampoline. Isn't it funny how kids hear things differently according to their limited knowledge of vocabulary? I am just so happy I get to be his mom, even on some of the most difficult days. He is always making me laugh or pull my hair out and sometimes he somehow manages to do both at the same time. He knows how to push my buttons and then come in with the most charming smile to calm me down. I am so thankful for my little man.