Thursday, December 27, 2012


This past week or so has been a whirlwind of activity. We celebrated Dave's mom's birthday last week. Then we had a family Christmas party last saturday at our house. 21 people crammed into our little house and filled it up with great conversation, games and laughter. We ate a delicious dinner wherein everyone helped out which is so great. Then we played BINGO with wrapped dollar store items and the candy bar game with wrapped candy bars. It was sort of a fun spin on the usual. You didn't know if you would end up with sea salt, or cinnamon, antlers or vaseline. Yes, it was completely crazy, but so much fun. Then the candy bar game was great. We had 3 sets of die rolling around and when it came time to steal it was a regular feeding frenzy. Oh man best game ever. I sure love that I could have my family with us except for the 3 who were sick or taking care of the sick. (We missed you Amber, Caleb and Ella.) Monday I took my aunt shopping and ate some delicious fresh scones. Then Christmas morning is the best. I am the meanest mom and make my kids wait until after breakfast to open presents. So no waking up at 4 in the morning. We ate around 8, somehow they managed to ransack their stockings before then and then they were good enough to wait until grandma and grandpa Cox came over to open presents. They each got a desk and chair for their room, Skylanders Giants game and a few characters, markers and coloring pages. And according to Benji it was the best Christmas ever. I have really tried to keep things simple. I don't want them asking for the moon and coming away disappointed. I really try to keep spending down and somehow my kids don't care. It isn't about the hundreds of dollars you can spend. Because they would love that kind of stuff but it isn't going to happen here I am afraid at least not yet. I guess I am a terrible mother but so be it. In the afternoon we went to my parents and opened up presents there. The kids are so loved and spoiled and frankly I feel the same about myself. I am so grateful for everything I have. I didn't really want anything for Christmas. Well except for maybe another baby but I am so thankful for my many gifts: life, 3 great boys whom I adore, a warm house to live in, my Savior who gives us hope, and the knowledge of the Great Plan of Happiness. How can I want for anything more? I hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas,  I know I did.