Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Why do we have Christmas?

I asked my boys that question last night. "Presents!" Of course was the first answer. Next came "Santa Claus!" Those were not the answers I was looking for. I know I don't do a very good job of teaching my kids my head and mouth do not function as a whole. When my brain is on my mouth is shut but as soon as I open my mouth my brain shuts off. There are a few moments in life where they work hand in hand and I am able to teach not by me but by the spirit. Last night was one of those nights. I finally got the answer I was looking for after several minutes of prodding from Benji. Christmas is about Christ. We celebrate His birth. We think on His life of service and giving. And Santa Claus well he comes from a story of a Saint Nicholas who went around trying to give and serve. I didn't actually come right out and say Santa doesn't exist but that he was a real man a long time ago and we keep his spirit of giving alive through the story of Santa Claus. I have not been a very good teacher. My boys are truly spoiled when I think about it. And this year I want to do better. I want to give them opportunities to serve and love others. Now I just need some ideas. I hope through this experience they can see the true meaning of Christmas and that we can have great opportunities of serving and loving our fellow men.