Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Moments of Crazy

Do you ever have those moments where you get this overwhelming desire to do something, something absolutely crazy? That you know in your right mind you could never do but deep down this urge to do it leaves you all jittery and excited? I have only had that happen to me a few times in my life but when it happens you can't deny the stroke of the hand of God working through you. For a year or so now we have been wanting to take a little trip. Well in trying to get out of debt and trying to climb out of this hole we have dug ourselves into we never saw this trip as an even remote possibility. We have tried to come up with money, we have tried to save, I have worried and stewed and made myself sick over the whole thing. And every time I would try to even think about it the answer is always no. Well somehow yesterday I was going completely stir crazy. I had had enough of my house and I was sort of getting restless. And somehow everything that I have been wanting everything the boys had been wanting and everything that Dave really wanted is finally becoming a reality. We must be crazy but when it's right it's right. And I don't know how we are going to pay for all of it but I can't deny the great feeling of elation I feel just thinking about it.  I feel like I should have buyers remorse. I mean I have had the feeling of no for so long,  why now, why yes? I don't know? But Disneyland in one month, here we come baby!!!!!