Sunday, March 24, 2013


Today in church I gave a lesson on forgiveness. It can sometimes be a very difficult thing to do. When someone hurts us or judges us or takes advantage of us sometimes we want the bitterness to fester inside hoping that by slowly poisoning ourselves we are slowly poisoning them but it doesn't quite work that way. All we really do is hurt ourselves and deprive ourselves of what could be extremely valuable relationships. I know I have never been the best at letting go of things. Sometimes my stubborn pride gets the better of me. Sometimes I am just a complete moron, okay a lot of the times I am a complete moron. I apologize to anyone I have offended. I hope you can find it in your hearts to be patient with me. Life is hard. We really need each other to make it through this difficult life. Our Savior has already paid the price for all our sins. I hate to even think about the pain I have personally put Him through. I hope He will forgive me too. If I wasn't such a complete nutter sometimes. I love what Elder Uchtdorf said in his conference address last year. This can all be summed up with a two-word sermon...STOP IT! Stop finding fault, stop holding grudges. STOP IT! I love it. Something I hope to improve. I really love teaching. I have learned so much more by studying and reading about the gospel of Christ than at any other time. It's been a wonderful experience. I still have a lot of work to do, but I am thankful for the opportunity to learn from these incredible young ladies. They teach me so much.