Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New Chairs

It's funny how something as simple as an actual dining chair at your table can make all the difference. We have been using the Costco folding chairs for almost 9 years. And while they have served us well they leave a lot to be desired in the esthetic department. I have been wanting to buy new chairs for years now and on a whim stopped off at RC Willey the other day to just see what they had. Well we found four chairs that were $29.99 each, a deal I could not pass on. They have changed the whole look of our kitchen. I love them. We also bought two others of a different style as extras but we use one in our room and Dave volunteered the other for my sewing room, isn't he the coolest. I told Dave I feel like a real grownup now without the hand-me-downs or garage sale finds.  Now I want to paint the table and the tops of our bedside tables. Maybe a project I can tackle this summer. The more I do, the longer my list becomes, because one change here and then that makes me see 2 or 3 other things I would like to do. Boy, oh boy, I have a feeling I am never going to be quite satisfied.