Thursday, April 11, 2013

Deep in thought

These last few weeks I have been deep in thought, not really having much to say. But over the past few weeks I have had some version of the same recurring thought playing over and over again, "WE HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR." I have been having teeth problems. Pride has been getting in my way. I hate the thought that I might be gumming my food in the, probably not too distant, future. That is one thing that I pride myself on, probably because everyone has always told me I have a nice smile, and it worries me that one of my best features could be gone. (Not that it will necessarily happen, I am just being overly dramatic.) And as I have thought about this and come to a humbling conclusion, it doesn't matter. If I lose all my teeth, if I lose all my hair, if I lose my house or our cars or will not matter. There is nothing to fear. The worst and most incomprehensible things could occur and it would not matter. Why? Because I KNOW that my Savior will be by my side. I KNOW that this life isn't real, although sometimes it feels very real. We are here as a test, a simulation to see how and what kind of magnificent life will await us on the other side. It doesn't matter if we fail. It doesn't matter if we fall. But what does matter is if we keep trying, again and again. It matters if we have a testimony of our Savior and know that through Him all things are possible, especially the seemingly impossible. We have nothing to fear. I'm not saying it is easy but I think of Job in the bible and what he had to endure. He feared nothing and we shouldn't either.  The world would have us believe a lot of lies and some days I just get really sick of listening to them how we have to be a certain size or shape or have a certain designers clothes or have perfect hair or perfect teeth. I am also sick of the politics. No one is looking out for anyone but themselves. And if the walls should fall down around us we have nothing to fear. We know the final score. We know who wins this game. And while we have dark days still ahead WE HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR.