Thursday, June 20, 2013

Letting Go

Sometimes in life we see beautiful doors, doors that are very inviting. Sometimes these doors have a window on the side, you desperately want to peek inside and you see all these people doing very beautiful and lovely things behind the door, but no matter how hard you try, this door will not open for you. Somehow your keys won't fit. No matter how hard you try to tug and pull and wrench and hammer you just can't quite get in. You wonder why can't participate, why this beautiful thing behind this most amazing door will not open for you. But the thing about doors is there are always more. So while I got stuck on this one door for 3 years and feel like I may have wasted my time, there is something amazing about learning about what you think you want to appreciate what you truly have. And what you have is pretty amazing too. And while I wish for all the world to be behind that door. I know there is another one that has been open before me for awhile and I just need to let the other one go to truly enjoy and be oh so completely happy behind the door meant for me. It's going to take a few days, maybe weeks to grieve but I already see the wonderful blessings being poured down by a truly loving Heavenly Father. He knows what would make us the MOST happy and He tries earnestly to give it to us, for He truly wants us to be....but we have to be willing to let go....we have to be willing to turn what we think is a very good idea over to Him and see what He has truly in store for us. My ways are not always His ways or someone else's ways are not what are meant to bring me the most joy. So goodbye dream, and hello amazing joy and happiness.