Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Mens hearts shall fail them

I have had this scripture/quote on my mind a lot this past year.  I have come to see it in a new light. I have come very close to having this happen to me. The world we live in is very broken. It is becoming dark, and evil and dreary at times. I feel a lot of the weight on my shoulders and at times feel very sad and that perhaps I can not withstand all I am called to bear. I feel as though my heart might break, might fail to beat. How do I keep going, how can there be any hope for a bright future when the world is so full of darkness? I'd like to say there is an easy fix, that you just have to look to the serpent and live. But it involves a little more work than that. It involves time reading and studying the words of the prophets of old and in these latter-days. It involves serving and helping and loving our families and friends and neighbors. It involves attending the temple regularly, if at all possible and for a few moments experiencing a piece of heaven on earth. Or communing with nature if you can't attend a temple. Life is so beautiful and wonderful and joyous and sweet and amazing, but only if we use the tools God gave us to see clearly. "Men are that they might have joy." And I know that when I start getting bogged down and feeling depressed or doubtful about the future I find that I am forgetting to do the things that would bring me closer to God. He is the source of true happiness. He is the source of true light. If we stay close to Him and read His words on a daily basis our hearts will not fail us, because he will sustain us. He is joy personified and I am most hopeful and happy when I am closest to Him.