Sunday, December 29, 2013


Christmas this year was very nearly perfect and full of peace. We spent a lot of time reading scriptures every night leading up to Christmas and we gave gifts to the Savior. We also watched a LOT of Christmas movies and enjoyed being together as a family. It was just really nice for me. Christmas Eve day my brother had us over for lunch and it was quite enjoyable. There was lots of food and fun and presents. Christmas Eve night we opened our pj's and watched the Nativity movie. Then Christmas morning Benji and I were up at 5:30 while James and Daddy slept in until 8:15. I am kind of weird but I don't want the kids to open their presents until after breakfast, they can sift through their stockings from Santa upstairs though. I want to prolong the joy of the day. We had Dave's parents over for breakfast then went downstairs to open gifts. I think the boys enjoyed what they received and I surprised Dave with some new bindings for his snowboard. It was just a nice day. Then we lounged around until 1 or so then went to my parents house for snacking and games. Then later in the evening we went to Dave's parents and worked on a puzzle and talked to his siblings and ate some more. I really enjoyed the day. I am thankful for my family for this season we have to get together and celebrate. I am thankful to a mother who long ago was a willing participant in bringing our Savior into the world. Who showed great faith when an angel asked her to do a very hard thing. I am thankful for the example and love my Savior provides so I might return again to my Father one day. He truly is the way, the truth and the light and if we but follow Him we shall never want for anything. I feel truly blessed.