Thursday, January 9, 2014

I Don't Know What to Say

For years I have been begging, pleading, fighting, trying to have James let me  do his hair. At every turn he has fought and run away and smashed all efforts to do so....until this past week or two. Although I am not the one doing it. He will come out of my bathroom with wet slicked back hair, or pushed up into a faux hawk or just combed over to the side. I have to wonder what has gotten into this kid of mine all of a sudden. He is primping and gelling and doing all sorts of things to his hair. Now if I could just have him let me give him a haircut, but he told me no, not until Sunday. The boy has his mind made up and will not bend. Oh well, at least he is cute and I love him so much...and don't even start with the sunglasses.