Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sick of being sick

Our family has been sick the past two weeks. I am sick of it especially since it is my turn now. James started off with the croup and ended with the croup and is coughing a lot. Benji has had a sore throat and ear infection. I have had a swollen sore throat and congestion which is trying to work its way down into my chest and frankly I just ache all over. I hate being sick but I guess it's my own fault for not eating the way I should. My bodies defenses were down and the invading virus has taken over. I haven't been sick in 5 months. Came close to it several times but my body always fought it off before it could sink in. Just goes to show how important it is to eat healthy and exercise. I hope I've learned my lesson this time, but probably not. ;) When will I ever learn? Here is hoping this sickness leaves quickly so we can enjoy the rest of the time we have left off of school.