Monday, March 3, 2014

Almost There

I am almost there. I am almost back to normal. I feel like I am on the cusp of feeling whole again and it is exciting. I value each day I feel well because those days have been few and far between. All the little things I am doing are adding up and I hate to almost say it but those 3 weeks of essentially doing nothing have really given me the opportunity to heal in many ways. I am so thankful for my boys and the angels that kept them occupied these past few weeks. We were bums and did nothing but watch movies and play games  and stayed home for most of it. It may have seemed like time wasted, but for me it was time well spent, well okay some of it was wasted, but I am not going to feel bad about it...well I am going to try to not feel bad about it.

I got to walk my kids to school today. Oh how I have missed it. The weather has been so beautiful and makes me smile to feel the sun on my face. God created such a beautiful world to live on and I love my walks. It fills my soul with such happiness. Really it does. I am cheesy, but so happy. Oh to be well again. :)