Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Angels Round to Bear you Up

I am not sure why I keep doing this to myself, but once again on Sunday I found myself singing in church, but this time with my friend. We sang one of my favorite songs "I Wonder When He Comes Again." We each had a solo verse then sang harmony and a descant on the third verse. Apparently it was beautiful and thankfully the angels helped us sing, but they also held me up in the last line when I was close to passing out. I think with it being day light savings and not having enough time to eat because I was rushing out the door trying to make it to an early practice before our church started at 9 and trying to practice the organ because at 9:30 the night before I was asked to fill in. And I was already a little stressed about singing, but you just do it, you just have to help. So as I was standing there singing I felt this wave of light headedness, maybe I had my knees locked maybe it was a combination of everything, but I thought for sure I was going down. But all I felt was a gentle pressure on my back like someone was holding me up so I wouldn't fall and I was so grateful. The Lord provides a way and means for you to accomplish the tasks he places before you. He wants you to succeed. He will never leave you alone and for that I am truly grateful.