Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bad week

I must confess this last week hasn't been one of my best. Lack of sleep may have been a factor, I have not been doing well with my eating (seems to happen every couple of months), sugar has become my drug of choice, I just feel a little beat down. I really just haven't been doing as well as I normally do. In fact I have been weighed down, and frankly didn't even want to go to the temple today. My self-esteem has taken a bit of a beating, just not feeling good enough, or pretty enough or like a total failure. Have you ever felt like that? Why do we feel this way? Well can I tell you a secret? There are a lot of people who would love to see us fail. They whisper lies and half truths in our minds and in our hearts trying to get us to think poorly of ourselves. Their whole mission is our utter destruction. If we let these thoughts in, if we begin to believe the lies they so desperately want us to believe, they win. We can not let them win. You are amazing and priceless and fantastic and there is only one of you. And this world needs you. You have so much to offer and no matter what happens God loves you. He really does. And if you ever doubt or wonder that, just ask Him. He will be more than willing to answer that question for you. I love the temple, it saved my life today. I love that I can go there and the beings that want want our destruction can not enter. It is a beautiful reprieve. A rest from all the doubt and worry, pure love and joy abound inside. It is my special place. Go, if you can. And if you aren't able or would like to find out how you can go there for yourself, let me know. It really is a special place.