Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Boy, I guess I have a lot of thoughts in this pretty little head of mine, because I have been thinking about this post for awhile too. Last night I went to a bridal shower. It's interesting being in this new place I am in and observing people now. Instead of being wrapped up in myself, I can see more clearly the pain others are going through. And now that I am better I can show even more love than before because I frankly don't care about making a fool of myself doing it. And this is something I know...everyone needs a cheerleader in their life. Someone to root for you when life gets hard, because it is hard. Everyone needs a safe place so no matter how stupid you are it's okay. There is a sweet girl in our neighborhood who is kind of feeling left out a little I think. She doesn't go to church anymore and I think she feels on the outs, which is sad. I love this girl. She is beautiful and amazing and has so much to offer the world, but last night she seemed lost in her thoughts. I gave a huge wave, which she didn't see, and at this point I probably would have given up, but I kept waving my arm and moving my head around until she saw me. And the smile that lit up her face, was amazing! She needed someone to care about her. I have been this girl, so many times. Just wishing that someone would wave or smile or acknowledge my existence. I have been blessed by a few cheerleaders in my life. People who have taken one moment to say good job, or smile or when Lucy died that one person who went out of their way to say I am sorry when I felt like no one else cared. That friend who flies hundreds of miles just to visit for a day just because. The neighbor who tells you how much he enjoys your singing especially the parts where you cry and those are the parts that make you want to never do that again. Cheerleaders give you courage, they buoy up your spirits, they strengthen your resolve, they give you that edge that make the impossible seem possible. Be a cheerleader for someone. You never know the impact your words, or your smile or acknowledgement can have on a weary soul. People need love and lots of it if we are going to survive so get out there and let's cheer each other on, because frankly anyone who can survive each day in tact deserves a standing o!