Friday, May 9, 2014


Have you ever had someone in your life break you? When I was in my 20's I had someone break me, someone I loved very much. I don't think I realized the lasting impact this moment in time would have. I live with regret over some of the things that occurred, but I would never give up the lessons I learned. The thing about being broken is you have many things you can do with the pieces left in the aftermath. You can curse God and spew hate and stay mad at the shattered pieces left behind. You can try and pick up the pieces and glue them back together, although remnants of the cracks will still be visible and the pain and emotional damage will always be evident. And you will only be a broken shell, a remnant of who you once were. Or you can turn to God and He will take those pieces and through pain and sweat and tears He will fashion out of the old pieces a new and better, stronger, more refined more beautiful work of art. Hand crafted by the Master. No longer a molded work of art replicated a billion times over, but a new unique creation forged in the furnace of affliction and built to withstand the tests of time. And each time we are broken we have a unique opportunity to become better to increase in value and in quality and in craftsmanship. We have a wonderful Savior who is willing to take these broken remnants of who we were and create a masterpiece. But we have to be willing to let Him, to let go of the past, to turn over all the pieces, not to hang on to even a shard. Are there any pieces or slivers we are hanging on to in our lives? We can't be who we are meant to be if we are holding on to hate, or envy, or fear, or sadness, or whatever it is, turn it all over to Him, He has the power to heal and make new all that was lost and broken.