Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sorry, I love you but can never talk to you again.

Has anyone done something they feel really strongly about, you know the can't shake the feeling just gotta do it, spirit is pushing me on? Then if you're like me later you regret it, not necessarily for what you did or said but more about the confrontation that may follow? The things that might be said back? Scared cuz' you just want to go hide in your hidey-hole? I did that today, and now that the dust has settled the adrenaline from urge to say something has worn off, I just feel a big sense of, well that was dumb, what did you go and do a thing like that for. Honestly, I think I am a bit mental. I'm not sure I ever want to talk to this person again even though I know they hold no ill will toward me, I am just a mental case. It's sad because it just felt like all these things had to be released, like there were all these pent up emotions just wanting to be released and then if your going to open pandora's box anyway you might as well do a real good cleaning out. But then you feel dumb because you unloaded all this stuff on an unsuspecting victim. So that was my day, how was yours? :)

P.S . The real reason I can't talk to you is because I hate talking on the phone. Such is the anxiety of a mental introvert. :) So if I don't answer don't hate me I just spent all my courage writing that dang letter and actually sending it. :) Yes I am mental.