Sunday, May 18, 2014

Another awesome day

Well yesterday morning we went to the dinosaur museum. It was a lot of fun. It's interesting to watch Benji and James interact with different venues. James loves the hands on learning while Benji loved to read every single name of every dinosaur. We stopped for a quick lunch and barely made it to James soccer game. He did a great job. He loves soccer. I think he could be a really great player some day. Next we traveled up to park city to the Olympic Park. Dave's mom and dad came as well as our nephew. The free experience was a ropes course. We have never done anything like that before. James was a wiz went through really quickly. Benji is apparently afraid of heights, but did so awesome in overcoming his fears. He amazed me and I am so proud of him. It is hard facing up to things your afraid of, at any time. At the end of the course was a zip line. Benji was so scared he couldn't do it so thankfully they let him get off, but I was so proud of what he did accomplish. He is AWESOME! Then the boys wanted to go on the alpine slide, so although we had to shell out quite a few more dollars, I am glad we did. It was one of the better courses we have been on. Next we went to dinner in old Park City. The food was great and the boys had some yummy root beer floats. All in all a really fantastic day.